M.A. in Communication Studies- Course Descriptions

COMM 5001 Advanced Theories in Interpersonal Communication (3)

An intensive evaluation and application of theories and research within interpersonal Communication.  Selected problems and contemporary research will be emphasized.
COMM 5002 Quantitative Research Methods (3)
An intensive study of quantitative research designs with an emphasis on assessing strengths and limitations of the various approaches.  Individual research projects are planned, conducted, and reported.
COMM 5003 Strategic Communication Consulting (3)
In-depth examination of research conducted on Communication consulting and training; design of consulting and training programs for use in organizational environments.  Examination of organizational communication systems and the design of communication audit procedures.
COMM 5004 Organizational Communication Theory (3)
Analysis of traditional and contemporary theories of communication in context of modern complex organizations.  The theoretical relationship between Communication and organizations through the study of discourse, meanings, symbols, and information flow.
COMM 5005 Interpretive Research Methods (3)
An intensive study of interpretive and critical research methods in communication.  Emphasis will be on specific interpretive methods such as discourse analysis, textual analysis, interviews and focus groups.
COMM 5006 Organizational Culture (3)
An investigation of the intersection between organizational culture and communication. This course will cover various facets of culture that influence Communication in an assortment of organizational settings.
COMM 5007 Current Issues in Organizational Communication (3)
Intensive study of a selected topic from the theoretical and research literature of organizational communication; critique of research findings and methodologies.
COMM 5009 Public Relations Theory, Strategy and Management (3)
Examination of public relations theory and strategies for shaping organizational goals.  Emphasis on managing corporate communication campaigns.
COMM 5010 Current Issues in Communication and Culture (3)
Intensive study of a selected topic from the theoretical and research literature of communication and culture; critique of research findings and methodologies.
COMM 5011 Corporate Communication Management (3)
Examination of organizational communication strategies and management.  Analysis of the corporate and organizational communication manager in shaping organizational goals and policy.
COMM 5012 Small Group Communication and Decision Making (3)
Examination of small group communication theory, decision making, and leadership.  Analysis of how small groups function in organizational settings with emphasis on improving communication.
COMM 5013 Motivational Speaking Practices (3)
A focus on a broad study of formal and informal speaking and listening skills within business, corporations public and governmental agencies, including creating a professional image and corporate strategies and tactics
COMM 5014 Speech Writing and Presentation Training (3)
Writing and delivering written texts using rhetorical devices and dealing with communication apprehension in the delivery of presentations. How to encourage others to deliver speeches.
COMM 5016 Current Issues in Applied Communication (3)
Intensive study of a selected topic from the theoretical and research literature of applied communication; critique of research findings and methodologies.
COMM 5020 Communication and Leadership (3)
Advanced concepts, theories, and skills related to communication and leadership. In-depth analysis focusing on various communication strategies and approaches for leading organizations and managing individuals and teams. Examination of leadership related to decision-making, organizational problem solving and change management.
COMM 5021 Communication Training and Development (3)
Examination of organizational communication systems and the design of communication audit procedures. Emphasis on practical experience in applied communication, including supervised fieldwork in which students use their theoretical knowledge in actual organizational communication settings.
COMM 5216 International Business Communication (3)
This course focuses on theories and practices of effective communication in international/ cross-cultural business environments.
COMM 5225 Corporate Advertising Principles (3)
Advanced examination of the basic theories and principles used in developing corporate advertising.  Examination of the relationship between companies, public relations, and ad agencies in the development of communication campaigns.
COMM 5425 Nonverbal Communication (3)
An examination of the concepts of nonverbal communication including the study of space, touch, body movements, as well as visual interaction, facial and vocal expression. Emphasis on integrating theory, research, and practical knowledge of nonverbal communication.
COMM 5510 Communication and Popular Culture (3)
The advanced study of contemporary rhetorical tools of criticism as applied to ideological messages in speech, art, music, television, radio and drama. Analysis of current research related to the topic.
COMM 5525 Communication and Technology (3)
An examination of new technology’s impact within various communication contexts.
COMM 5535 Crisis Communication in Organizations (3)
Analysis of the stages of a crisis, development of plans and dealing with the media in public and interpersonal settings.
COMM 5540 Communication and Conflict Resolution (3)
In-depth study and analysis of communication messages that create, build, maintain and resolve conflict on an interpersonal or societal level. Examination of current research.
COMM 5550 Media Management (3)
This course examines various concepts of management principles and theories relevant to electronic media management of personnel, programming, sales, and promotion.
COMM 5590 Business and Technical Presentations (3)
An introduction to the principles, practice and importance of oral presentations within business and professional settings. Application of presenting informative and persuasive reports and research.
COMM 5610 Communication and Law (3)
An examination of the communication of lawyers, judges, litigants and jurors in the criminal and civil justice system.  Survey of communication as it applies to the legal context.
COMM 5615 Communication and Mediation (3)
Advanced practical training and theoretical understanding of mediators and mediation. Understanding the tradition, history, and theory behind mediation, as well as implications of/for alternative dispute resolution, and practical hands on training in the Communication processes of mediation.
COMM 5620 Convergent Journalism (3)
Advanced application of television and media journalism techniques, and the handling of news and information in society.  Analysis of various advanced reporting and editing strategies.
COMM 5625 Communication and Negotiation (3)
Communication skills to negotiate personal, Community and high stake disputes. Constructive problem solving approaches to find solutions to meet the needs of all disputants.
COMM 5626 Multicultural Communication in International Conflict Resolution (3)
Explores international Communication to address conflict and resolutions in mediated, interpersonal, organizational, and multicultural interactions. Highlights applied uses of Communication in various workplace, legal, educational and Community settings across borders and cultures.
COMM 5630 Gender, Language and Communication (3)
Advanced analysis of communication processes and behaviors that create and recreate gender
roles for both women and men.  An in-depth examination of gender issues in media and technology, education, workplace, and interpersonal relationships. Analysis of current research related to the topic.
COMM 5635 Persuasion (3)
Advanced examination of the nature of persuasion in human interaction and decision making.  Explores various definitions, models, theories, and research in persuasion.  Examines ethical perspectives of persuasion and how to create effective persuasive messages.
COMM 5640 Public Relations Cases (3)
Advanced critique and analysis of effective public relations principles, practices, and strategies in a legal and ethical context. Examination of current research related to the topic.
COMM 5660 Public Relations (3)
An advanced examination of the principles and practices of public relations. Analysis of current strategies and research related to the topic.
COMM 5665 Public Relations Writing (3)
Advanced preparation of public relations documents and portfolio. Analysis of current research related to the topic.
COMM 5675 Corporate Advertising (3)
An in-depth study of the concepts and processes of media advertising focusing on the economic, regulatory, global and social forces that impact the  management of advertising campaigns in the radio, television, cable, and telecommunication industries. 
COMM 5900 Digital Communication (3)
A production-oriented course designed to integrate principles and practices of digital media communication.  Students will prepare and present digital media productions.
In addition, below is a list of special topic courses offered in the past:
Instructional communication 
Media criticism
News literacy
Social media
Writing across the media