The Goal

Large-Scale Violence and Its Aftermaths

The United States and the World

A Summer Institute at Kean University | June 25-29, 2017

Large-Scale Violence and Its Aftermaths is a summer institute comprising a two-day conference focusing on the United States (June 25-26), followed by half-day working groups over three days on other societies around the world for comparison (June 27-29). Our goal is to explore tested and contested measures of dealing with the global legacies of large-scale, collective violence and atrocity crimes – including crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide – against vulnerable communities and fueled by terrorist acts, rogue states, authoritarian regimes, asymmetrical warfare, internal conflict, and institutionalized discrimination. The Institute’s purpose is twofold: to clarify the anemic performance by state actors in managing atrocity and large-scale violence and restoring confidence in social stability and security; and to consider non-state, civil-society alternatives that, in the aggregate, could move progressively forward toward securing, if not transforming, successor societies.