The practicum progression is a two-tiered experience with the opportunity for an additional optional third year of practicum training. The practicum is defined as an externship placement plus training clinic placement. The two required externships share the same structure and requirements, with each level requiring progressively more sophisticated skills and may encompass a wider variety of clinical activities. 

The first externship will be in a school system in the metropolitan New York/New Jersey area and the second externship will be in an agency setting (e.g. hospital, community mental health center, counseling center, etc.) providing clinical services. There is a minimum requirement of 600 on-site training hours per year for the practicum experience during both the second and third program level (for a total of 1200 hours minimum). The optional third year externship would be in a setting appropriate to the student’s interest and chosen emphasis area (if selected).

During the entire four-year practicum-training period, in addition to a minimum of two externships (students have the option of completing an additional third externship), students will regularly conduct intake interviews, psychological and psychoeducational assessments, and provide individual, group and family psychological treatments at the training clinic and will participate in weekly clinic team meetings in which they will receive supervision, support and guidance from clinical faculty and peers.

Students have been placed in many school districts in New Jersey for their first externship: Click here to view some of these placements

Students have completed clinical externships in a variety of settings in New Jersey and New York: Click here to view some of these placements