The externship requirement for certification as a school psychologist in New Jersey and for the Professional Diploma in School Psychology is a minimum of 1200 hours in a public school setting. The externship must be completed in one school year (10 months) on a full-time basis. Certification as a school psychologist in New Jersey may be applied for after completion of a minimum of 1200 hours of supervised experience, passing the third year school psychology comprehensive examination, completion of the MA in Educational Psychology and all required coursework, completion of the positive impact project, and approval of the school psychology program director.


During their third year externship, all candidates are required to complete two positive impact projects as part of their school-based externship. These projects are conducted as  comprehensive case studies over several months with a regular or special education students. One positive impact project involves a student who is experiencing behavioral or social-emotional difficulties and the other involves a different student who is experiencing academic difficulties. 





Updated 8/3/17