Research Environment

Degree candidates create and develop their research programs in collaboration with graduate faculty.  In recent years degree candidates gave papers at international conferences, including panels comprising the program’s graduate students at Millersville University:

Versions of Memory: Manipulated, Suppressed, and Corrected

  • Marguerite Romano, “Propaganda as an Instrument for Manipulating Memory of the German destiny or World War I”
  • Jamie Boszko, “W.G. Sebald on what Germans Could Not or Would Not Remember”
  • Rebecca Scott, “Correcting Memories by Exploring the Phenomenon of Intimate Killing”

State Propaganda and th​e Seeds of Genocide

  • Evan Alberhasky, “An Appeal to the Emotions: The Use of Propaganda as a Tool to the Masses”
  • Jeremy Chaudruc, “The Politics of Fear”
  • Walter McGee, “Dictatorship and Democracy: Considering Propaganda in Context”

Recent Master's Theses:

  • Evan Alberhasky: “ The Plight of German Jewry: A Relationship Between Emancipation and antisemitism.” Adviser: Gilbert Kahn
  • Jamie Boszko: “The Holodomor as Genocide Through the Analysis of Other World Famines.” Adviser: Ruth Griffith
  • Danielle Dorta: “The Longest Struggle: The Continued Destruction of the Native Americans in the 19th and 20th Centuries.” Adviser: Frank Esposito
  • Paul Friedman:  "Polish Antisemitism Before, During and After the Holocaust:  A Look into the Unique Existence of Polish Antisemitism.:  Adviser Gilbert Kahn
  • Kate MacIntyre-Blaha: “A Comprehensive Lesson Plan for the Special Needs Classroom.” Adviser: Sue Gronewold
  • Walter Mc Gee: “Into the Hands of the Rising Sun: War and Genocide Between China and Japan, 1931-1945.” Adviser: Sue Gronewold
  • Rebecca Scott: “Love Thy Neighbors As Thyself?: On the Possibilities of Forgiveness in Jedwabne.” Adviser Dennis Klein
  • Joanna Sliwa: “Jewish Children in the Krakow Ghetto.”Adviser: Bernard Weinstein

Updated 7/11/12