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We at Kean OT pride ourselves on the emphasis placed on research. Every student is required to complete a three semester research sequence. Each research group is comprised of 4 or 5 graduate students who develop a research proposal, implement the study, analyze findings, and then present the information in a manner suitable for conference presentation and/or publication. Please explore the list of research our faculty and students have conducted, published, and presented in the sub tabs. 

OT Students & Faculty at the 2016 Annual Occupational Therapy Research Symposium
Photo taken by Ben Thomas

Current Research
Second years students in the program are currently researching the following topics:

Parent Perceptions of their Young Children with Intellectual Disabilities Participation in Young Athletes™ Activities Within the Home.
Amanda Harris, Lindsay Moran, Danna Lyons, &  Stephanie Alicea,
Research Advisor: Dr. Mary Falzarano


The Functional Medication Assessment: A Normative Study
Malkie Bram, Damaris Dominguez, Kellie Furnald, & Emily Thomas
Research Advisor: Dr. Mariann Moran

The Reliability and Validity of Measuring Active Elbow Range of Motion Using the Dr. Goniometer Smartphone Application Versus a Standard Goniometer
Meghan Jirkovsky, Quoc Anh Tran, Melanie Anderson, Gerard Belda, & Joseph Ordner
Research Advisor:  Dr. Mariann Moran


A Retrospective Comparison between CEW In-Class in Combination with CEW Home- Based Handwriting Program for Typically Developing Preschool Children
Jamie Christensen,  Julie DeBella,  Megan Lee-Fittizzi, Renee Campolongo, & Talia Pruzansky
Research Advisor: Dr. Mary Falzarano

Sensory Processing Patterns, Learning Styles and Study Habits of Undergraduate College Students
Devon Grier, Alexandra Kent, Melissa Weiss, &   Casandra Lambert
Research Advisor: Dr. Mary Falzarano


The Unheard Voices of Transition: The Experiences of 4 Female Young Adults with ASD as They Prepare to Graduate
Julian De Martinis, Chevy Hoffman, Alana Pantale, & Katie Wall
Research Advisor: Dr. Laurie Knis -Matthews

Understanding Best Practices for Prescribing Orthoses for CMC OA: A Survey Study
Jessica Bomm,  Joshua Reyes,   Hadeer Kherata, Amanda  Mucci  & Stephanie Pitta
Research Advisor: Dr. Mariann Moran


Exploring Older Adults’ Perceptions Following Participation in a Community Mobility Wellness Program
Kristen De Naples, Alex Esena,  Chrissy Papetti,  Mark Ravinsky, &   Cynthia Thomas
Research Advisors: Dr. Claire Mulry