Practicum & Internship Resources

For all practicum and internship related questions and concerns, please contact Dr. Pender- Clinical Coordinator by email at or call 908-737-5959


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Deadlines for practicum/internship documents submission

Internship Handbook

Site Supervisor Fact Sheet

Practicum & Internship Q&A 

1) Q: How many credits do I need before I can register to take practicum/internship?

    A: Students ennrolled in the school counseling track option will need to complete the required 27 credits pre-reqs; school/LPC track option: 33 credits pre-req; CMHC track option: 33 credits pre-req; and SAC 27 credits pre-req. 

2) Q. How do I know if I have enough credits to register for practicum?

    A. You must complete a planned program form with your advisor to determine eligibility

3) Q. How do I register for the course?

    A. You register using your Keanwise username and password. However, you will need a granted petition/approval from the department before you can register

4) Q. How do I get the permission/petition to register?

    A. An electronic petition link asking students to petition for selected courses and sections of their choice is sent to students signed up for the email blast. Spring petition links are sent in October and fall petition links are sent in March

5) Q. Does a petition guarantee a spot in a specific section?

     A. No, it does not.

6) Q. Does the department assign students to sites?

    A. No, the department does not find sites for students. Students are primarily responsible for finding their own sites and to request Affiliation Agreement for sites not on the approved list. For a complete list of sites please email Dr. Pender at  

7) Q. Do I need to have a site before registering for practicum?

    A. Though recommended, you are not required to have a site before registering for the course. However, you are required to have a site before the first day of class. Please refer to the practicum/internship handbook for more detailed information. 

8) Q. I do not have an Affiliation Agreement from my site, am I allowed to start practicum?

    A. No, as per University guidelines, an Affiliation Agreement is required for each site. If there are problems getting one, please reach out to Dr. Pender

9) Q. What documents do I need to have for practicum/internship?

    A. Please refer to the practicum/internship handbook and manual for documents to be submitted to site, site supervisor, clinical coordinator and professor. If there are any questions or concerns after reading the practicum/internship handbook, please reach out to Dr. Pender

10). Q. What semesters are internship and practicum classes offered?

     A. Practicum and Internship classes are offered in the fall, spring and summer I semesters

11). Q. Am I allowed to bank my hours for practicum/internship?

       A. No, students are not allowed to bank hours