Prospective Students

Welcome to the Department of Social Work at Kean University!  We are delighted that you are considering our program.  We host open houses and informational sessions throughout the year and we encourage all prospective students to attend.  Attendance at some of these open houses will allow you to receive an application fee waiver—that means you can apply for free!

Beyond the open houses, prospective graduate students are encouraged to meet in person with the chair of the program or a representative from the program and/or to contact us by phone to clarify questions about the program.  The Office of Graduate Admissions is also willing and eager to meet with prospective students to discuss options of graduate assistantships, grants, scholarships, and financial aid.

Why Social Work?

Social work is one of the most versatile professions that allows one to work with vulnerable populations.  A social worker is highly employable.  Social workers work in mental health agencies, employee assistance programs, school districts, hospitals, nursing homes, government divisions, correctional facilities, non-profit organizations, child welfare agencies, substance abuse programs, as private clinicians, and researchers.  This list is not inclusive of all the career possibilities for a social worker, but supports the concept that opportunities for social workers are vast.    

The MSW degree allows one to become a Licensed Social Worker (LSW).  After two years of supervised clinical social work practice, you are eligible to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  The LCSW license is required for private practice.  No other degrees are eligible for licensure in social work.  The MSW degree also allows one to become a Certified School Social Worker.

Why Social Work at Kean University?

The Kean MSW program offers value!  The Kean MSW program is significantly less expensive than almost all the MSW programs in North Jersey/New York Metropolitan area.  The term value was used because the Kean MSW program offers a high quality product for an affordable price—value.   

Kean University is a world-class public institution located in Union, NJ.  There are limitless opportunities for social work being that the North Jersey/New York Metropolitan area is in one of the most diverse areas of the nation.  Kean University is a picturesque campus and is friendly environment.  The campus uses smart technology classrooms, has comprehensive library services, and inviting lounges and eateries. 

The University is committed to a teaching-orientation.  In the Kean MSW program, you get to know the entire faculty.  The full-time faculty teaches multiple courses each semester.  The adjunct faculty members have longevity with the program and a commitment to providing quality education.  Small class sizes allow opportunities for mentorship of students.  Beyond teaching, faculty have received national and international recognition for scholarship.  The professors bring a wealth of practice experience to the classroom and stay current on the trends and changes within the profession.  Professors use varied pedagogy in classroom instruction to ensure that they keep students engaged and accommodate multiple learning styles. 

The Kean MSW program has been educating social workers throughout the New Jersey and the New York metropolitan area for over 15 years and maintains strong relationships with social workers in the field.  Good supervision is important for learning in all MSW programs since fieldwork is the signature pedagogy of social work.  Field is the place where students can apply theories, perspectives, understanding of human behavior and development that is learned in the classroom to work with clients.  When interviewing for employment, the experience acquired from the field placement sets candidates apart from those who understand to those who can do it.  Social work is a profession that is based upon application of knowledge and execution of theories.  A social worker needs to know how to put skills and knowledge into action.  Our program takes this concept very seriously and maintains high expectations for performance in the field.  Our program maintains strong relationships with field supervisors in the community to ensure that we have quality field placements for our students.  Successful fieldwork leads to jobs!


Updated 8/3/17