Vision, Mission & Educational Goals of the Program

By 2020, Kean University Occupational Therapy will be the premier entry-level master’s degree program in the tri-state area. We will create innovative programs and an interdisciplinary clinic, emphasizing experiential learning, professionalism and community collaboration, to produce the next generation of occupational therapy leaders.
Our mission is to develop entry-level occupational therapists who will utilize clinical reasoning skills to think creatively, critically, and holistically to deliver occupation-based programs to people we serve. We promote professionalism and a commitment to lifelong learning through leadership, scholarship, and/or creative works. Through collaboration with community partners, we create diverse learning opportunities to meet the needs of a changing social, economic and technological environment.
Kean University Department of Occupational Therapy supports the missions and goals of Kean University and Nathan Weiss Graduate College.
The graduates of our program will:
1. Exhibit the roles and responsibilities of an occupational therapist as defined by the American Occupational Therapy Association, consistent with state regulations: 
 Adheres to ethics and safety guidelines 
 Effectively articulates the value of occupation 
 Effectively communicates in both oral and written format 
 Understands costs and funding 
2. Utilize clinical reasoning skills to develop client centered assessment, goals, and intervention that facilitate participation in meaningful occupation across populations, settings and practice areas. 
3. Demonstrate professionalism throughout all phases of academic career and into entry level practice. 
4. Appraise research and other resources to evaluate efficacy and implement occupation based services supporting best practice. 
5. Collaborate with clients, community partners and inter-professional colleagues to meet society’s occupational needs. 
6. Demonstrate a professional commitment to the promotion and advancement of occupational therapy. 
7. Demonstrate respect for diverse life experiences and cultures.