Kean OT Students Speak
Testimonials from our students
“I am so grateful for my experience in the OT program here at Kean University.  The academic curriculum is rigorous, and was certainly a challenge, but I am thrilled to be putting what I’ve learned into practice during my fieldwork experiences.  I am the mom of three, and also a Graduate Assistant in the Speech Lab within the School of Communication, Media & Journalism.  Balancing these roles in addition to my academics and fieldwork hasn’t always been easy.   However, my professors and fellow OT students have been very supportive and encouraging and they motivate me to do my best.  I know that I made the right choice when I decided to be a part of the Occupational Therapy program at Kean.”
- Debra Johnson, Class of 2016
“Kean’s well-regarded faculty and clinical research programs provide its students unparalleled opportunities to combine cutting-edge theory with practical in-the-field knowledge for occupational therapy.   Professors and students are also committed to educating the community about the benefits of occupational therapy, often working side-by-side to do so.  And, Kean’s New Jersey campus allows me to easily commute from my New York home.  I therefore could not have made a better decision in choosing to attend Kean’s occupational therapy program.”
- Maria Sciandra, Class of 2016
Kean University’s occupational therapy program was an excellent choice for me.  Being a working mother of two children, I questioned whether adding the responsibility of a full-time graduate program would even be possible.  The faculty members of Kean’s occupational therapy department were extremely supportive and sensitive to my unique situation.  They provided me with a tremendous amount of guidance and support to help ensure my success in the program.  With their support and my desire to become an occupational therapist I accomplished my goals.  I am a living testament to the fact that with hard work, dedication, guidance, and support anything is possible!
- Nicole J. Santostefano, OTR, Class of 2014
"This is a very rewarding field. You will have to do a lot of work to complete this program and become an occupational therapist, but it is worth it.  Definitely use your time wisely when you start the program. Enjoy all the new information that you will learn." 
- Cameron Wong, OTR, Class of 2010 
"The faculty here are warm and very accommodating. They each bring their own unique real-world experience to the classroom. The clinically based education truly prepares the students for being excellent clinicians." 
- Dave O'Brien, OTR, Class of 2012
“As a nontraditional student returning back to college, I found it integral to my overall personal and professional development to take advantage of all the opportunities that were offered by Kean University.  I decided on a major career and life change when determining to further my education.  I was working full time as a physical therapist assistant and was able to collaborate with occupational therapists in a variety of settings during service delivery.  I was able to observe how fulfilling the occupational therapist's role was during their client's treatments and knew that this was the career that I wanted for a life time.  I became passionate about learning this entire different scope of practice and had a hunger for more.  Not only did I want to learn more about OT, but I wanted to learn how to become a leader.  I was elected by fellow peers to become the Graduate and Part Time Student Council President and Vice President of the Student Occupational Therapy Association.  From these experiences, I have gained great knowledge on team building, networking, and leadership skills that I hope to carry on into my future career as an OT.  If I was to give one word of advice to future students looking to enter the Kean University OT program it would be, "We are all given gifts, but the best gift of all is when you can give your gift to others."  I found that every day is a learning experience and the best way to learn is through helping others.  I wish all the future OT students the best of luck and to enjoy this exciting new journey.”
- Ruth Ma, Class of 2015
“I lived in Kentucky for the first 22 years of my life, and New Jersey was the last place I thought I'd end up for graduate school! However, all of my doubts about moving so far away from my family and friends vanished on the first day of class when I was welcomed with open arms by the faculty and my fellow OT students. Everyone involved in the MSOT program at Kean ensures that your time here is about more than just receiving an outstanding education; they create a warm, friendly, and open environment that encourages personal growth and fosters success. Every day I am surrounded by the current and future leaders of our profession, and I can't imagine a better place to learn to be an OT!”
- Emily Moscoe, Class of 2016
“I chose Kean because it is one of the most reputable programs that provides their students with the technical and intellectual skills needed to excel in Occupational Therapy. As a commuter from New York City, I find it fairly easy to travel to Kean and stay involved. I love this program because I am challenged inside and outside of the classroom. I enjoy the supportive and stimulating community that is formed by the professors and classmates.”
- Marissa Gordon, Class of 2015
“Kean University has provided me with the evidence and practices that allows me to enhance my knowledge in OT and has motivated me to thrive towards becoming a clinician. I have become very active in the Kean community and achieved the position as President of the funded group SOTA (Student Occupational Therapy Association). Being apart of this organization has allowed me to make a difference. The dedication and passion of SOTA’s members along with the effort of the executive board has provided noteworthy organizations funding, support and advocacy to promote awareness and help clients and/or families whom need it the most. If I were to sum up the Kean University Occupational Therapy program, I would say it is a “family.” The professors are focused to support and guide us through the program every step of the way. The OT students have developed a close knit relationship and cohesion that cannot be described in words. I am so thankful and honored to be a part of such a wonderful and scholarly program. I have learned that all the small differences you can make may not change the world, but they can help someone live life to the fullest. Go KUOT!”
- Alana Jogan, Class of 2015
“The education I received in the Occupational Therapy Program at Kean University exceeded all of my expectations.  Challenging coursework taught by dedicated faculty was only the beginning. Service-learning and advocacy in the community, diverse fieldwork settings exploring the variety of OT career paths, guest lectures from the region’s top clinicians, and opportunities for research and professional development at the state and national level were all part of the program at Kean.  As a student returning to school to pursue a second career, I was grateful for the supportive community in the program.  My fellow students were all exceptional individuals who are now my friends; I felt privileged to be counted among them.  Most of all, the faculty of the Occupational Therapy Department set a standard of excellence by their own example:  advocacy for the discipline, dedication to evidence-based research and critical clinical reasoning, and a sincere concern for their clients and especially their students.  It is this example that gave me the confidence that I could succeed in my career and inspired me to be the best occupational therapist for my clients that I can be."
- Christopher Curcio, OTR, Class of 2014