CarFit at Kean University

CarFit is a free, fun, educational program that offers older adults the opportunity to ensure that they are properly "fitted" to their personal vehicles. Trained CarFit technicians and occupational therapists guide older drivers through a 12 point checklist with their vehicle, recommending certain adjustments and adaptations to enhance safety. The CarFit program also provides information and materials on community-specific resources that could enhance their safety as drivers, and/or increase their mobility in the community (
Dr. Claire Mulry and Dr. Jennifer Gardner, assistant professors of Kean’s Department of Occupational Therapy, train students via an online education module and an in person session. As an occupational therapy student, or recent graduate, you have the exciting opportunity to be trained as a CarFit technician.  This life long designation provides you the skills and knowledge to work with the drivers and "check" their vehicles for safety, and would allow you to participate in any national CarFit event.  This training is available at the AOTA conference for $125.00, but through your collaboration with the OT department, it is free!  You are strongly encouraged to participate in this valuable community service while developing your professional skills.
Please visit the official CarFit website to learn more about CarFit.
Occupational therapists Dr. Claire Mulry and Dr. Mariann Moran with
Newly Certified CarFit Technicians at the 3rd Annual CarFit Event
Kean University CarFit in the Media: