Non-Matriculated Students

Kean University invites those students who hold a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) to take a class as a non-matriculated students. Whether it is to fulfill a prerequisite requirement for a graduate program, a course for personal enrichment, or any other reason, Kean's Graduate Non-Matriculated program is the option for you!

A non-matriculated student is considered a student within a graduate course, and is required to complete all required coursework and attend all courses.  Non-matriculated students will receive University credits and grades.

Non-matriculated students are NOT eligible to receive any financial assistance.

Kean University Request for Registration Eligibility Form



Senior citizens who wish to take graduate level courses at Kean are not responsible for tuition or the student leadership fee.  They are responsible for the remaining fees, per credit.  For example, for a 3-credit course during the fall 2012 semester, a senior citizen would have to pay $130, per credit.  The full charge for a 3-credit course would be $390.  The normal charge, for a three credit course is $2,121 for in-state, part-time students.  This is a savings of $1,731!

Updated 3/24/16