Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

SOTA has been awarded Funded Group of the Year for 2014-2015!
“SOTA fosters the personal and professional development of occupational therapy (OT) students as well as those interested in learning more about the profession. Members are encouraged to actively participate in community service projects and to strive for educational excellence.
In addition, SOTA advocates for students and professionals in the OT field and strives for recognition of OT as a valuable career. The groups consistently follows current trends in the field and looks to find ways to engage in environments and experiences that elicit teamwork with other occupational therapists, organizations and health professionals across disciplines. Through educational programs, community service initiatives and social activities, SOTA creates mentoring and networking opportunities within and beyond the classroom setting.”
Please read the rest of the featured SOTA article and video on Kean Exchange. For more information, including reading the organization constitution, emailing your board members, and registering for service hours, please visit SOTA on Cougar Link.
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Executive Board for the 2015/2016 Academic Year:
Executive Officers
President: Katie Arena 
Vice President: Teressa Cali
Treasurer: Samantha Petosa
Secretary: Sarah Dennis
Public Relations: Amy Beronio
AOTA Student Delegate: Kellie Rodriguez
Class Liaisons
2nd Year Class:
Sarah Dennis (Track A)
Michelle Retkwa (Track B)
1st Year Class:
Marissa Astorini (Track A)
Olivia Maltempi (Track B)
Faculty Advisor: Professor Claire Mulry, OTD, OTR, CAPS
Contact Us:

Please visit your Cougar Link account online in order to read the SOTA constitution. Membership requirements are found there. Thank you! 

Meetings & Events
Fall 2016 General Body Meetings (GBM) and Events
  • August 30th: New Student Orientation
  • September 9th: Kean Day
  • September 12th: First GBM of the year
  • September 24th: Brian Injury Alliance of NJ Walk
  • October 1st: Kean Homecoming
  • October 3rd:GBM-Guest speaker from National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • October 16th: Kean Cougar Color Run 
  • October 17th: GBM- Guest speaker, founders of Independent Domain, a company specializing in aging in place and productive living services
  • October 10th: Bake sale for Pet Partners
  • October 29th: Senior Prom 
  • November 7th: GBM- Guest speakers military OT and medical recruiter
  • November 14th: Bake sale for pet partners
  • November 21st: GBM- Guest speakers on PT/OT Collaboration in Oncology
  • December 5th: GBM- Guest speaker from Pet Partners featuring a therapy animal
Fall 2015-Spring 2016 General Body Meetings (GBM) and Events:  
  • September 15th: First GBM of the year
  • September 24th: Bake sale
  • September 26th: BIANJ Walk
  • September 28th: AOTA Hill Day
  • October 5th, 2015: GBM-Guest Speaker Scott Mathews, executive director and founder of Intensive Therapeutics; Constraint Induced Movement Therapy and Camp Helping Hands
  • October 6th: Speech Language Pathology Volleyball Tournament
  • October 10th and 17th: Spina Bifida Resource Center Softball Tournament
  • October 18th: NJOTA Conference at Kean University & Kean Cougar Color Run
  • October 19th: GBM-Relaxation Techniques and OT; Group meditation and yoga
  • November 9th: Bake sale for Intensive Therapeutics
  • November 29th: All Abilities Talent Show
  • November 30th: GBM-Sensory integration and sensory rooms
  • December 7th: Bake sale for Intensive Therapeutics
  • January 25thFirst GBM of the Semester
  • February 8th: GBM-Guest speaker Ilana Unger, OT at Rehab Specialists and Rex; animal assisted OT
  • February 22nd: GBM-Guest speaker Trish Mahan, OTD, MS OTR/L; mental health, wellness, and emotions; hollistic OT and mindfulness
  • February 29th: Bake sale for JAR of Hope
  • March 14th: GBM-Guest speaker Jessica FUlminio, PT, Clinical Specialist of Education from Genesis; healthcare professional collaboration and a successful fieldwork experience
  • April 1st: Relay for Life
  • April 4th: GBM-Carrie Donat from Spina Bifida Research Network and James Spiegel, veteran speaks about amputation and prosthetics 
  • April 7th-10th: AOTA Conference
  • April 12th: Bake sale for CP Awareness
  • April 18th: GBM-Meet your new e-board!
  • April 23rd: BFF Breakfast with Speaker Liz Duffy
  • May 2nd: Bake sale for Opportunity Project